Industrial Batteries

Our Offerings

We are DC consultants and Manufacturers representatives offering support for all industrial battery applications, from sizing the correct battery technology and capacity based on system load profiles, engineering the correct battery rack, spill containment and charging system.

We work with system engineers and plant personnel to design and specify the correct DC system for each individual application.


  • Flooded Lead Acid batteries of flat, tubular and Plante’ plate designs.
  • VRLA – A comprehensive range of Valve Regulate Lead Acid Batteries.
  • SMC – Sodium Metal Chloride technology, smart battery applications.
  • Nickel Cadmium – Pocket and sintered plate design.
  • Lithium Technology – Lithium phosphate.
  • Battery racks – Seismic zone 4 certified.
  • Spill containment.
  • Rectifiers.


  • Substation DC protection Systems.
  • Telecommunication backup Systems.
  • DC Process control.
  • Mission-critical DC systems.
  • DC System Monitoring and asset management.